August 15, 2017

What are Common Electrical Issues on New Development Projects?

This content exists to shed some light on that little thing that might and often goes wrong with new development projects. Generally speaking, construction agreements should offer answers to all possible issues. It is necessary for specified entities to communicate the different steps that they will be following in situations of conflicts and problems. “There are different perspectives on managing new development projects”, honorable Managing Director at Coronation Property.

Joe further says that specialized knowledge in the field of property development can be beneficial specifically when it comes to installing electrical fittings. This is because experts in different specialties can offer valuable services. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to have a clear understanding of how the different parts of the construction procedure fit together. Delays and excessive cost can readily be avoided by taking care of common electrical issues on new development projects. Some common problems related to electricity in new development projects include:

Insecure Wiring

Serious damage to a property is likely to occur if the staples that hold the wiring in place are driven too tight around the wires. This is because tight staples that hold the wiring in place lock the wiring into place on the stud or the beam resulting in the breakdown of the wires. This might result in electrical fires and problems with the appliances or the lighting powered by way of this wiring.

Problems with Wiring Size

Making use of the wrong size or type of wire can result in overheating. This is because the wire carries more current in comparison to the amount that it was built to withstand. Homeowners go for thin wires because they do not have a huge budget for this task sometimes. However, in the long run, they risk the safety and the security of their homes. This is because thick wires have the capacity of carrying more current safely. Sizing problems about electrical wires are common problems with new development projects.

Improper Wire Length

Wires need to be stripped for revealing their metallic interiors. This is necessary for creating a durable electric connection in a new development. The wire length that can be stripped legally is regulated by code regulations. This means that improper wire stripping can result in nicks on the metal further interrupting connections and causing short circuits. Most of the times when real estate developers or property owners commit this serious mistake of hiring the services of inexperienced or unqualified electrical engineers such problems occur. This is because inexperienced electrical engineers do not have a clear understanding of the wire length that need to be cut for handling wires.

Unprotected Wiring

Unprotected wiring can cause great damage to property. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that wiring in a newly developed project is never left exposed to harsh climatic changes or tampering. Most of the times it happens that the power boxes in newly developed properties are located outside the property. This comes with a simple fix. An outdoor-specific electric box can be installed for ensuring that the electrical wiring for a newly developed project is safe and secure.

Electrical issues on new development projects are the simplest to repair. However, they can turn out to be the most hazardous if misused.

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