August 19, 2017

Top lighting and water decorations for your garden

When you see a house with a beautiful garden, you can’t even get your eyes off because the lighting explodes in its beauty. You will appreciate decoration and creativity, but you’ll doubt whether your garden can have the same looks. In giving a garden that looks, you’ll have to put down a lot of work, from landscape to colour combination, art design, and construction. Although it is never an easy task to perform garden decoration the effort will eventually pay off.

The combination of light, water in a garden is a lovely style that usually attracts birds. Light is a fundamental component of the design adding another dimension entirely to the design.

Several light and water decorations will take your breath away at just first sight. How can your decoration be the ones that do? Here are some design ideas to start off (and here are some more).

Remote Waterfall

A remote waterfall is a classic design made to look easy where there are a small garden and smart, creative waterfall on the side. The light effect was placed on the wall to reflect the garden and add to the aesthetics. The urban backyard makeover displays style even in a small space which is a great feature to look for in a garden design.

The Asian Garden Design

This garden was designing my professional designer call, David Hert. The combination is just splendid with water at the beneath. The light effect adds to the aesthetic, bringing out the required beauty. David Hert took advantage of the nature to create something spectacular that has a yacht appearance with excellently included light from the top to the pond fountains

Light Play

This brilliant design is a perfect choice for those romantic souls out there. The crystal falls the water feature wall sparkling with an excellent light presence. Morgan Holt and Robin Stockton did the design. The light effect plays a vital role in the landscape of the design, which adds a new dimension to a yard. The light reflecting on the stacked –glass edge as add a different level of beauty to it.

Making A Big Splash

This beautiful rock design that has water flowing from the top down with light effects on the side is a full splendour. The combo of waterfall and pond brings a new dimension to the design.

Classic Whimsy

Classic with British model portraying music with water wall and soft light pattern on the pavement.  The classic European style is designed with two pairs of whimsical seating, and the landscape was done by Anderson Keith.

Resin/Fiberglass Zen Tiered Pots Fountain with LED Light

best pond fountainsThis classic beauty with a well-designed waterfall that flows from the top of a bowl into another bowl with the light effect that cast a soft shadow is just perfect for a romantic date.

Most light water decoration design comes with a sense of poetic presence.  Sometimes best pond fountains are created just to decorate houses as well. The combination of light and water brings out an excellent feel to the overall design, which will make your garden stand out from the others. 

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