November 8, 2018

Toilet seat types

This is one of the most important thing that has to be our number one priority or at the least the second priority when we are looking to buy a toilet. We are living in a time were technology has spread its wingspan to almost every sector of our life, it will not be a surprise to you if I told that even the toilet seats are very technologically advanced for example there toilet seat that automatically flush as soon as the person using the toilet gets up, toilet seats are made with the purpose of catering to the needs of different people with different ages using the toilet.

Here are the different types of toilets seats that are available in the market today.

The round toilet seats.

This is a the small toilet seat this is a very useful to potty train the kids, these kinds of toilets are also the most effective ones if you have a smaller home and the toilet space is very limited, These kinds of toilets are also very essential to have if you are having an elderly person in home as these toilets are very comfortable for them to use as they are small and not very difficult to use for them .

Elongated toilet seats.


This is a bigger toilet seat than compared to the round toilet seat , these kinds of toilet seat that will found most of the time in bigger toilets as they are can sometimes be very comfortable, Most of the time elongated toilets are used in order by people of a much bigger stature find these very comfortable as they are long and much bigger than a regular round toilets which can be very uncomfortable to them. However, these toilets are very bad for potty training the kids, and they are also not a good option to be considered in having them in a smaller toilet as they can be broken when the door opens or can get chipped while opening the door.

Apart from the structural differences, there is also a difference in the characteristics.

Warm toilet seats :

This kind seat is very useful during the winter as the toilets can get cold during the time the temperature drops in this season hence it is most advisable to have a toilet seat that warms itself before the user sits.

Padded toilet seats:

For these kinds of toilet seat the seats are padded, and they will be very comfortable and soft for us to use it, the only problem with have a padded seat during the summers the toilets can get very humid, and it will get very humid and uneasy for us to use it during these times.

Adaptable seating:

This is one of the best ideas that anyone has come up with for toilet seating. This can be used by the elderly and the people with disability will find it very easy to use when they want to use the restroom and they can adapt to any ones comfort zone for more on this subject matter check reviews of saniflo toilets here they have some very useful suggestion that they can provide to you in order that you can use.

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