How To Take a Test ?

Taking a test is something many people struggle with and it is crucial one have a clear understanding of the consequences of all of their actions and not just mastery of the material.We all have seen students that were great during the semester but suffered mightily on test day because they did not look at the whole picture.

People that take tests need to break down the various components and think about everything from the consequences of failing to the logistics of the test site. In other words, all of the study time you invested can be rendered useless if you failed to attend to the many details required to successfully pass the test.

I can think of a number of factors that can ruin one’s chances that have nothing to do with the material itself and some of these are below: Cramming the night before and failure to get proper sleep. Oversleeping and not permitting enough time to calmly arrive to the test site. Failure to locate the test site the day before and feel familiar with the route, parking and the time it takes to get there. Switching from what is familiar to a new approach. A new shirt that is ill fitting, a new adventure for breakfast that doesn’t agree with you, etc Studying at irregular times and overloading the night before the test instead of daily deposits of knowledge will lead to undo pressure the night before. Relying so much on your short term memory is a risk compared to frequent review of the material over a prolonged period of time.

The chemicals that course through ones body during anxiety can adversely affect the ability to concentrate and ironically, end up giving you a failing grade to worry about. Self defeating behaviors at a time of possible reward is not what successful people do, it is what people that sabotage themselves do.The night before an exam I keep on schedule by studying the same amount I always do and if anything, I try to reduce it slightly so I can unwind and prepare for the next day. I have a clear idea of what I’m wearing, what I will eat and attend to anything that will harm my chances of success. I make some notes and develop a “hot sheet” of things that I can review at a glance, whether it be terminology or topics that require a firm reminder.This will be the last thing I look at before going to bed because once I enter the bedroom I will not touch a book or anything that is not related to resting overnight.

In the morning I am easing into my routine so that I might strengthen my resolve and avoid any panic. I eat energy food because not only does that provide endurance, it is a safeguard against potential worry that devours many calories!

Eating sugar is a drastic mistake for a number of reasons, chief among them is the fact that when sugar enters your system you body burns the cheap fuel and demands more but once the initial high ends you are faced with a declining optimism and you start to fade. This frequently leads one to cure the problem with more coffee.

Instead, why not try some noodles or carbohydrates to sustain you?

My method was always to heat up some leftover spaghetti without sauce and fry it in olive oil and add as much peanut butter as I could take and I was able to witstand anything the day would bring be LOL.

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