How to Find A Career ?

I sometimes think I have a firm grip on what my “calling” is but my purpose is not always up to me.

I may have developed skills and abilities that translate into one career or another but my true purpose in life is to be content and live in harmony with others. I can help people as a volunteer and perhaps that is fulfilling my purpose but it does not mean I am destined to always have the perfect job in order to pursue meaning.

Many of us work very hard to get our degree and we insist we work only in our field of study, we make dramatic sacrifices to uphold our dream of “doing what we love and the money will follow”

That may be true for others, they may have studied something very specialized, did internships and practicums so they were prepared more than the poor soul that entered the job market with an open mind and a little hope.

Is that enough though?

Some would say it is a gamble to just take what the job market gives you and not have a sharp focus of where you want to go with your career but on the other hand what about the people that obsess over their dream job what should they do?

My answer is simple; if you are convinced that you were called to do something or were even divinely inspired to do something, do it…but perhaps do it on the side. If it were a part time or temporary project you would still have the satisfaction of participating but it would not interfere with the necessity of having a job that pays the bills in the interim.

The fact that dream jobs are frequently fewer in number (if they in fact exist!) it can be a momentum killing way of conducting a job search because you have to operate on the premise that it does exist and you have to manifest a lot of energy to cultivate or create the opportunity.

Once you find it you must them capture it and begin working at maintaining your dream job bt what happens if things start to become more like a nightmare and less like a typical dream?

For example:
You get the job herding cats that you were convinced you were put on this earth to do, but you find out all your coworkers are not dreamy..or the funding abruptly falls through..what then? I believe we should all pursue our dreams and we should all be good wives and husbands and family members but there comes a time we have to make adjustments. The time to look at the instrument panel is before the plane crashes and not after! I am a survivor of a seemingly endless series of assignments for non profit agencies and “on paper” it always seemed to thrill me to be doing such important work to ensure the well being of others however,
it was always a stressful affiliation with projects that either didn’t live up to the way it was advertised or the funding was always in peril.
>br> This is one man’s story..I am not suggesting that non profits are not worth pursuing but on the other hand I am saying, in my experience, that balance always wins out in the end..

Either voluntarily or by force.

I want to control my career by working hard on my goals not by lunging at ways of changing the world through one job or another. I now change the world by focusing on one person at a time, through my interactions with others I can help by being in harmony and being useful when I can. If my own house is not in good working order I am little use to others and now that I volunteer when I have time I can get back to stability instead of “all or nothing” gambles with my career!

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