February 8, 2019

Benefits of using LED lights – EDG Guide

It is a good thing that LED lights have completely replaced conventional lightening in the global market. Even though a small sector of people knows the importance of LED, the predominant population is buying LED lights, only because they are comparatively cheap. But there are a lot of other reasons to choose LED over the conventional lights. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of using LED lights.

Energy efficiency

The LED lights consume only fifty percent of the energy of what the normal fluorescent and halogen lights use. This ultimately results in a considerable reduction in cost and a lot of energy saving. This is very much useful for spaces where lighting is needed for a long time period like many commercial buildings that use 8 foot LED shop lights.

Extended life

If you compare between LED lights and other lights such as fluorescent and incandescent lighting you can evidently see that LED is the clear winner. The LED lights generally have a lifespan of up to 30000 to 50000 hours which varies according to fixture quality. The incandescent bulbs last only for 1000 hours and the fluorescent lights have a maximum life span of 8000 hours to 1000o hours. We should also note that the LED lights do not burn out they only dim gradually.

Cold temperature operation

Temperature is never a barrier for LED lights. The fluorescent bulbs require a higher voltage during low temperatures to start, and you can evidently witness that the brightness would have gone down during the cold temperatures. But LED does not have any of these problems with temperatures. Hence it makes them suitable for cold temperature or refrigerated display. The cold temperature test has proven that LED lights have five percent more efficiency.


There are no filaments or glass enclosures in an LED which makes it highly durable. It also has high resistance power against vibrations and heat. The traditional lights come with glass or quartz covering. Hence there are good possibilities that they can be easily damaged or broken. On the contrary, LED lights do not use glass. They are mounted on a circuit board and connected with the leads.

Instant on

Most of us might have seen that fluorescent and HID lamps will not provide us with full brightness from the beginning. Generally, they take three or four minutes to reach maximum brightness. When it comes to LED, you can have the fullest brightness from the moment you switched on.

Rapid cycling

If you continuously switch on and off the traditional light, it will affect the life span.  But in LED, no matter how many times you switch on and off, it does not have any kind of impact on its life span.

No IR or UV emissions

Did you know that only ten percent of the power that is consumed by the incandescent lamps is converted into visible light? The rest of the power is converted into IR or radiant heat. In LED lighting there is absolutely zero emission of IR or UV which is not just optimum use of power but also makes it eco-friendly.


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